The city is all about light and shadow these days, or at least it is at 5:30ish when I’m walking to the subway from work. I’m sort of dealing with PTSD (not really) because I ran into a neighbor of mine all the way down on 42nd Street right as we were stepping on to the train together, and though I like her well enough, it’s definitely a relaish I want to keep in the zone of pleasant nods hello and not thirty-five minutes of small-talk conversation on a crowded train headed uptown. It’s exhausting to be pleasant/neighborly on the evening commute instead of 1) reading a book, 2) checking out hot gay bears on the A-train, 3) thinking hateful thoughts about all the people who annoy you on the uptown commute, which is pretty much everyone except for maybe those who fall into category (2) above, and even then you only want to watch from a distance. Finally, in CLOTU news, it’s Dante’s birthday today (roughly speaking, since he was a stray kitten/teen when we adopted him), and he’s ten years old, which I can’t believe. I’m hoping he’s going to break the world record of age for cats, which I learned on MY CAT FROM HELL is 38 yo, believe it or not. That’s like 465 years in people years!